Sacramento Front Door & Sidelight Shutters

Sacramento front door shutters


The tall, skinny windows on either side of your entry door are called sidelights. And though they can let light into your entryway, give you a great view onto your front porch, and frame your home beautifully, it’s not a fantastic idea to leave them bare.

What is a fantastic idea is to choose plantation shutters for your Sacramento home’s sidelights.

Shutters Pair Best with Front Door Sidelights

No window covering pairs as well with sidelights than plantation shutters. These are just some of the perks they’ll give your front door.

Shutters Protect Your Privacy

If a door to door salesman or stranger is ringing your doorbell, you probably don’t want them to be able to peer through a thin curtain or between your blinds. With sidelight shutters, you can completely block the view of anyone from outside, keeping your privacy intact. All it takes is a simple tilt of the louvers and your privacy is preserved!

Sacramento front door shutters 

Shutters Make Your Home More Comfortable

You might have a family member who forgets to shut the front door all the way, making your AC or heater work overtime. But you might not think as much about the heat that is lost or gained through your windows. Polywood® plantation shutters are the industry’s most energy-efficient window treatment – and are several times more effective than typical wood or vinyl shutters! 

Shutters Are Resilient & Better for Families

If you have pets or children in your home, you can expect them to look out of the sidelights if they [see|hear]57] someone comes home. Mini blinds can easily get mangled by a curious pet, and you probably don’t want your drape pushed to the side so your window can get covered in fingerprints from the kids. Plantation shutters on your sidelights can avoid all of these problems, since they’re sturdy enough to handle even the rowdiest little ones, and your family can look all they want without ever touching the glass.

Sacramento foyer door with shutters 

Shutters Are Easier to Get the Size You Need

Sidelights are all unique. Some are shorter than the door, others are the same size as the door, and some aren’t even rectangular. So shopping for a set of blinds or curtains that exactly fits the size and shape of your windows could be a pain. But plantation shutters are custom made to your exact specifications, guaranteeing you a perfect fit with zero hassle.

Shutters Look Better In Your Foyer

Almost nothing makes a better impression in your entryway than matching your sidelights to your door. With a variety of colors available, we can perfectly color match to your door style. And there’s just something special about the expertly crafted, timeless look of shutters in your foyer. Whereas some window treatments may look chintzy or cheap, shutters are a sure bet for timeless style.

Sacramento patio door with sidelight shutters 

Shutters Work With Any Entryway Windows

Blinds and drapes both need a certain amount of space to put in. If your front entryway is cramped or you don’t have enough space on either side of your window, you might not be able to hang anything up. But shutters can go on any window, guaranteed.

Shutters Won’t Move Unless You Move Them

When your door opens, it creates a vacuum effect that might cause shades and blinds to rattle, sway or even get snagged in the door jamb. Shutters stay exactly where they’re supposed to: on your window at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sidelight Shutters

What kind of shutters can be installed on sidelights?
Sunburst's Polywood faux wood shutters, Ovation wood shutters, reclaimed wood shutters, and Studio Shutters are all offered for sidelights. 

Can shutters be installed on the glass cutout in my door?

They sure can. If there’s a window cutout on your actual door, we can put a custom shutter frame on it.


Do sidelight shutters have to have a tilt rod?

Not in all cases. Sunburst builds plantation shutters with a “hidden tilt rod,” so the only things that are visible those classic louvers whether they’re open or shut.


Can your shutters match the color of my door?

Sure! We offer shutters in a wide array of paint colors and wood stains, and we can color match just about any door style.


Find Shutters for Your Sacramento Sidelights

To get a closer look at the difference sidelight shutters can make in your Sacramento home, you don’t even have to walk out the door. Set up a free in-home consultation with Sunburst Shutters Sacramento, and we’ll send an expert to your door with all your options for window treatments for your foyer. Fill out the form below or call 916-250-0758 today to get started!