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The Most Durable Kind Of Blind In Sacramento Are Sunbursts Faux-Wood Blinds

faux wood blinds in a modern living room

What you really don’t want when purchasing window blinds in Sacramento is to watch as they fall apart after a couple months of enjoyment. Alternatively, go with the most resilient blinds around – Sunburst’s faux-wood blinds. Our faux-wood blinds are completely moisture-resistant and pest-resistant. And dissimilar to cheaper blinds, you shouldn’t ever discover any cracking, breaking, or fading on your Sacramento faux-wood blinds.

Fortunately, Sunburst’s faux-wood blinds are as appealing as they are tough. Choose from a range of colors and finishes to suit your interior. Then personalize your blinds with the ideal wand, pull cord, or tassel. Sunburst’s blinds make sense for rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, garage or any space that contends with higher moisture levels. And to top it off, your faux wood blind will still look incredible years down the road.

Faux-Wood Blinds Choices

white faux wood blinds over bathtub
Get started by selecting the color of your faux-wood blinds. A variety of five levels of white and off-white can be found in either a flat or textured slat. You may also pick from several wood paints, ranging from the lighter Golden Oak to a darker Walnut. You are even able to color match your tassels, ladders, and pull cord for a synchronized appearance. If you’re struggling to find the ideal color for your faux-wood blinds, you ought to explore our wood blinds.

Why Install Faux-Wood Blinds In Sacramento

White Polywood faux wood blinds on a large kitchen window 

People in Sacramento appreciate blinds because of their simplicity. Subsequent to a quick fitting to your window frame, your faux-wood blinds are able to give you an optimal combination of light command and privacy. Just use a pull cord or wand to adjust the slats to permit the suitable level of sunshine. You’re also able to lift them for an unfettered window.

The problem with blinds has commonly been their ability to last -- but your Sacramento faux-wood blinds have mitigated that worry. With solid slats built from patented polymers, you’ll avoid any yellowing, chips, or splitting. The slats will hold their appearance without curving or breaking so that the blinds turn smoothly and gracefully rise whenever you engage them. And because your faux-wood blinds are tailored to your window’s precise dimensions, you will have no concerns about them banging around the sides of the frame or hanging unpleasantly under the sill.

Faux-Wood Blind Warranty

Up close shot of beige Polywood blinds.

These blinds have a three-year warranty that offers protection for any manufacturing defects (i.e., flaws in the workmanship, design, or materials) for the original owner.

Faux-Wood Blinds Features

faux-wood blinds stained light oak

       Slat Width

   2 inch

   2 ½ inch


   Choice of 5 white & near-white tones

   Choice of 5 wood-colored stains

   Color coordination is available for wands/cords and tassels.  


         Operation  System                         

   Cord tilt

   Wand tilt



   3 ¼ inch Royal Crown valances are offered.


   Notch or Edge cut-outs are available.

Interested In Faux-Wood Blinds For Your Home?

Your only call if you’re looking for faux-wood blinds in Sacramento should go to the experts at Sunburst Shutters Sacramento. We’ll let you see all the advantages of installing our durable window blinds for your interior. Place a call to 916-665-0078 or fill out the form on this page to schedule your no-cost in-home consultation!