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The Best-Looking Plantation Shutters, Blinds & Shades In Folsom

There’s nothing that provides more grace and allure to the windows in your house than plantation shutters, blinds and shades and no one knows plantation shutters better than us. Since 1996, we have helped countless customers revamp their windows and enrich their space with beautiful plantation shutters, blinds and shades in Folsom.

Plantation shutters in dining room

As one of the best local shutter companies in Folsom, we’re invested in our customers – and it shows in every detail. Starting with your first home design consultation all the way through custom installation, ours is a worry-free process that gives you the best plantation shutters in Greater Sacramento. 


Why Folsom Houses Need Interior Shutters

Polywood shutters in kitchen

With so many Folsom homes installing interior shutters, there have to be good reasons for it, right? Technically, there are many reasons to purchase interior shutters for your house. Here’s why many homeowners are getting them:

  • Shutters are long-lasting. Shutters’ big advantage over other window treatments is that they last, survive, and thrive. Where a store-bought set of blinds or designer drapes may break, distort or wash out in less than a few years, shutters stand firm over time. With expert construction and heavy-duty material, shutters can remain a lasting piece of your place for years on end.

  • Shutters help control temperature. Sure, blinds or shades might block a little outside light, but how good are they at managing your interior temperature levels? Unless you shell out for extra weatherstripping, energy may still move easily through your windows. Custom indoor shutters can halve that heat movement.

  • Shutters are gorgeous. No other window treatment can match the enduring quality, elegance, flexibility, and visual appeal of interior shutters.

Polywood - Folsom’s Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

Don’t be misled by that headline. Polywood® plantation shutters are more than just Folsom’s favorite faux wood shutters, they’re far beyond any comparable faux wood shutters available.

Bedroom with interior shutters

Polywood shutters are great at all the things that make shutters the first choice for Folsom homes. Their solid white or natural wood finish add timeless beauty to your space. Polywood is impervious to chips, warps, cracks, and is 100% moisture-proof and heatproof, so they’re the most durable shutter available. And no window treatment can compare with Polywood shutters’ temperature control with their ability to block nearly half of the heat moving through your window.

Not to mention, Polywood plantation shutters are completely made in America, and come standard with one the best shutter warranties available. And for a more budget-friendly shutter for smaller windows in Folsom, look into Sunburst’s builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Bring Warmth to Your Home Wood Shutters In Folsom

Natural wood shutters such as Ovation® wood shutters in Folsom add warmth and richness to any room. Built from sturdy, furniture-grade teak, Ovation shutters are made to perfectly fit your windows, and are absolutely beautiful. Offered in dozens of stains, Ovation wood shutters will match any style in your space so you can achieve exactly the look you want.

Arched hardwood shutters in bedroom

For an even more natural wood shutter, we also make reclaimed wood shutters which are made from repurposed wood from older buildings. Each shutter is unique and has beautiful divots, wood grains, and textures to make it not just a naturally gorgeous window covering, but also a tasteful accessory for your home.

It’s Simple To Get Custom Shutters In Folsom

Purchasing the right shutters for your space can feel a little overwhelming. But with Sunburst, the way to get custom shutters in Folsom is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a call to 916-665-0078 or fill out the form below to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our window pros.

  2. A Sunburst shutter pro comes to your home to measure your windows. They’ll also sit down with you to discuss all your shutter and window treatment options, and give suggestions for what would work with your budget, existing home design, and your personal needs.

  3. After understanding all the options, select your preferred window treatment and put in your order.

  4. After a short time, our installation team comes to your home to put in your new shutters and demonstrate how to maintain them.

After it’s through, you’ll have fantastic custom shutters for your home without having to measure or install them yourself. It’s that simple to get unique, custom shutters in Greater Sacramento.

Polywood Shutters Deliver Incredible Energy-efficiency And Are Eligible To Save You Up To $1200 With The Energy Tax Credit!

Sunburst’s proprietary Polywood® composite wood plantation shutters do more than provide a classic appearance and an impressive level of light control. These shutters are able to reduce your energy bills! Polywood shutters can conserve heating and cooling to a maximum of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-efficiency characteristics of these inspired Sacramento window treatments have even been approved for a 2023 federal tax credit of up to $1200.




Sunburst Offers The Highest Quality of Blinds & Shades in Folsom, Too

Even though shutters may be in our name, they’re certainly not the only window covering we provide. From blinds and shutters to shades and more, Sunburst is your source for any window treatment in Folsom.

Folsom Shades

Living room with blue shades

The cleanliness and ease of use of Folsom shades are hard to argue against. We carry the highest quality Honeycomb shades, Roman shades, motorized shades, and woven shades–with several options to choose from in textures, colors and more.

Folsom Blinds

Polywood blinds in dining room

We didn’t stop at just making the best shutters, but included the best blinds in Folsom, too. Blinds give you the strength, durability and lastingness with the easy operation and minimal design of blinds. With configurations available in basswood and faux wood, with dozens of options including wand or tilt cords and valances, our Folsom Sunburst's Blinds answer that classic question of “Can you build a better blind?”

Choose Sunburst for your Folsom Window Treatment Needs

It’s more than our award-winning products that makes Sunburst Shutters Folsom’s best provider of window treatments. It’s also our dedication to customer satisfaction, our history of experience in home services and the window treatment industry, our factory-direct prices, and our means to aid you through each step of the buying process.

So give Sunburst Shutters Sacramento a call today to get started. We’re delighted to serve Folsom and the surrounding communities for any window covering needs. Call 916-665-0078 now to talk about giving your windows the treatment they need.