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Shutter Options And Parts In Sacramento

When deciding on which plantation shutters to buy in Sacramento, there are lots of shutter options for you to consider. Whether it’s deciding which frame style matches your window perfectly or what type of tilt rod you should use, our design experts will lay out the options for shutters in Sacramento so your shutters seamlessly fit your home.



Both Polywood plantation shutters and Ovation real wood shutters are available in several colorspaints, and stains.

Louver Sizes


Plantation shutter louvers are manufactured in three different sizes: 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5”. Even though louver size depends on your personal preference, we’ve observed from our years of experience that you can let more light in with larger louvers to liven up the room – and see more of your view.

If your furniture and fixtures are in front of your window, tilting the shutter louvers brings more light into the space. In this case, the larger the louver, the more you can see through your plantation shutters in Sacramento! 


Louvers in 3 different sizes


Frame Styles

Utilizing either a frame or hang strip, all plantation shutters in Sacramento can be installed on a window. Our design experts will do custom mounting, even without a frame if necessary. Browse through the available frame shutter styles. The Craftsman frame is only available for Polywood® shutters. Consult with a design expert for more options. 


Tilt Rods

Our customers’ favorite tilt rod is our traditional front mount tilt rod. This type of tilt rod is the one typically associated with plantation shutters, and contributes to their elegance. Because the tilt rod is mounted in front of the shutters, it’s easy to tilt open your shutters to let in light and close them completely for more privacy. 

We also offer our rear-mounted tilt rod, which is another easy way to get the feel of a hidden tilt rod, but is less expensive. Using a thin metal strip on the back corner of each louver, the tilt rod controls the movement of your plantation shutters. 

Door Handle Cutout 

White french door with shutters

Shutters for doors in Sacramento are elegant. But what if your door has a handle that covers the glass? We cut the shutters around the door handle. This way, you have stunning doors with tilting shutters. And you can keep the door handle!

These contemporary shutters give your doors a custom style while maintaining the consistent look of shutters throughout your house. While some cutouts are rounded, others are square. No matter what option you want, our installation professionals help you customize your doors with shutter options in Sacramento to complement décor and personal taste.