Which Plantation Shutter Color Do Homeowners In Sacramento Choose?

Curtis Orton

What Plantation Shutter Color Should Those In Sacramento Pick?

Plantation shutters have been one of the more attractive window treatments that homeowners in Sacramento pick for their houses. Their enduring style suits many different design themes and easily prevents sun glare and heat loss from streaming through your windows. The durability of a plantation shutter is also an additional bonus, especially when you have kids or pets.

Because you have many great traits regarding these window coverings, the question isn’t if you should get shutters for your windows. Rather, the only question is what color of plantation shutters will you pick?

White Plantation Shutters Are Timeless

Bedroom with arched white shutters. 

Just like crown molding, white is also the most favored color of plantation shutters by a wide margin. It’s easy to see why -- white can work in many different decor styles. From strong wall colors to neutral decor, white shutters will complement them all. And when you update your style and redecorate, you can leave your white shutters in the space, because they’ll still look perfect.

Those who choose white plantation shutters might try to get them made from faux wood so they won’t yellow as they age. Our Polywood® shutters are available in three varying shades of white and have a lifetime warranty that states the finish will never yellow, stain or fade. To clean, you’ll only need to wipe with a damp rag, and dirt and dust will slide right off.

Natural Wood Colors Can Accentuate Some Styles

 Wood shutters in home office. 

For some rooms, a plantation shutter with a natural wood stain looks best. A mahogany or cherry stain might seem a little restrictive for outstanding design alterations, but if you can match your hardwood floors or stained furniture, then it can be the covering you need. The stains can give your windows a more natural feeling, perfect if you are going for a colonial or rustic theme.

A tried-and-true favorite is to pick real basswood plantation shutters like our Ovation® shutters. They have a slew of stains that will match most woods in your house. If you need a completely natural treatment, you could put in a reclaimed wood plantation shutter. These are perfect if you use a beach house or rustic farmhouse motif in your rooms.

Bright Colors Are For Other Types Of Window Treatments

While you could paint your plantation shutters in a bold color, you will probably be disappointed with the end result. A bold color may work well now, but then you may be burdened with that color for the long haul. White and hardwood have stood the test of time, but will the bright red or periwinkle blue shutter still look on point 5, 10 or 15 years from now? You can change your walls fairly easily, but it will take a whole new window covering to change the color on your plantation shutter.

If you want color, you could install a off-the-shelf accent curtain with your plantation shutter. By pairing a splash of color or pattern, you can give personalization to your windows without hindering the practicality of a custom-crafted interior shutter. Then as your taste changes, you can retain the plantation shutter and just replace the curtain -- or ditch it altogether.

Sunburst Can Help You Pick The Best Color Of Plantation Shutter

Whether it’s white Polywood or a elegant wood stain, Sunburst can offer the perfect plantation shutters for your windows. Our reps love Sacramento and will drive to you to show you plenty of plantation shutter and window treatment samples. Just phone 916-250-0758 and arrange your in-home consultation today.