What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Sacramento Custom-built Home

Curtis Orton

If you have decided to build a custom home in Sacramento, you seek the best finishes possible, including the window treatments. There’s a reason plantation shutters are such popular picks in window treatments for custom homes in Sacramento. Their functionality and appeal incorporate well with any interior and give you unparalleled control of the sun’s light. With these qualities you have the ability to produce a pleasant space and illuminate your new home's best features.

Plantation shutters in a model kitchen.

How Do Plantation Shutters Enhance a Custom Home?

When you want to draw attention to your custom home, select window treatments that other homeowners in Sacramento incorporate to enliven their interiors. Plantation shutters blend beautifully with any design choice. They stand out and make a home memorable to people who are more accustomed to outdated drapes and metal blinds. Their functional yet distinguished design is all that is needed to look stunning and leave a lasting impression on family and friends.

Plantation shutters are a smart finish for a custom-built home. Their distinct construction and adaptable color options complement any interior, so you can advise the home builder to include them in every space and not have to worry how they will look in your furnished home.

Plantation shutters can also be designed to fit both standard windows and windows with specialty shapes, so you can use them on every window and save yourself the hassle of implementing numerous window treatment options. You will appreciate having a job removed from your list as you figure out your remaining home finishes!
Plantation shutters in a model home bedroom.

How Do Plantation Shutters Make It Easy To Filter Natural Light?

Your visitors will appreciate the look of a sun-splashed home. While you’ll no doubt choose captivating electric lights to illuminate your custom home, sunlight has distinctive properties that give an area a larger appearance or alter its mood.

However, natural light is constantly changing. As the sun moves throughout the day, the level of sunshine entering your new home changes, and you must change the positioning of your window treatments to direct the sunlight appropriately. When searching for window treatments for custom homes in Sacramento, people show a preference for manufactured Polywood® and classic wood plantation shutters that help them manage the levels of sunlight a room receives.

Simply adjust the tilting mechanism to partially close the slats at times when windows receive direct sunlight to provide a space a more comfortable feel and adjust the louvers again to make things brighter when the sun has shifted to a new location. You are even able to open the shutter panels at the hinges for full sunlight to generate an impression of being outdoors and shut them again for a snug, closer-knit feeling.

Adjusting shutter louvers also gives you the chance to redirect light. When moving the louvers in either direction, you can illuminate dark corners to make your home feel larger. You have the ability to redirect unwanted glare away from your visitors’ view and reflective surfaces without shutting the slats and eliminating the light altogether. With one simple motion, you can manage the quantity and the direction of sunlight that shines in any room for everyone’s comfort.

Select The Right Window Treatments For Your Sacramento Custom Home

Show your new home in the best way possible with the eye-catching style of plantation shutters by Sunburst Shutters. We install made-to-order window treatments that Sacramento homeowners need for their custom-built homes. Reach out to 916-250-0758 or fill out the form below to schedule a no cost in-home design consultation.