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White Polywood shutters on large windows in a great room

What To Look For In Great Room Window Treatments In Sacramento

November 09, 2023

Your great room is a sizable open living space that serves many purposes. When considering great room window treatments in Sacramento, the product you choose should make sense for how you use the space and the levels of light it gets. You should find treatments that make it easy to change from light to darkness, insulate your windows, are kid- and pet-appropriate, and look fantastic with your interior. You’ll discover numerous great room window treatments on the market, from multifaceted Polywood® plantation shutters to an abundance of trendy window shades.

Use Window Treatments That Control Sunlight

White motorized shades on a wall of tall great room windows
Lots of things happen in your great room. In just one day, you might read a magazine, nap on the couch, help the kids finish homework, enjoy a movie, and more. Everything needs a different amount of exterior light, so you’ll want window treatments that are a breeze to manipulate.

Popular Polywood interior shutters are uncomplicated to operate and offer the most choices for handling outside light. Open them for full sunlight when reading a book. Glare in your face? Shut the panels, but adjust the louvers and shift them to a point that directs light away from your eyes. For privacy and darkness during a family movie extravaganza, close up the panels and louvers to obstruct street lights. Even in the daytime, Polywood shutters keep out all but the faintest glow of light due to their impermeable material and quality construction.

Motorized window shades make controlling light simple. By pressing a button, you can adjust motorized shades to block glare on your television screen without moving off your seat. Or, program your automated motorized shades to go up and let in sunshine and then automatically lower for privacy at night.

Maintain A Comfortable Temperature With Insulating Window Treatments

Polywood shutters on multiple windows in a sitting area

A great room is a large open living space that may require a good deal of energy to cool in warmer months and heat in winter. Give your HVAC system a respite with by installing insulating window treatments. They will obstruct hot UV rays and cold drafts. You can use energy-saving cellular shades to stop most temperature transfer. However, Polywood shutters are the most energy-smart great room window treatments in Sacramento. The shutter frame prohibits sunlight and air from sneaking in via the edges of your windows, and the louvers close tightly to minimize temperature transfer on the hottest days and chilliest nights.

Enjoy Your Great Room Window Treatments For Years To Come With Durable Polywood

Polywood shutters on multiple windows in a sitting area

With so much going on in your great room, you ought to get window treatments that can endure anything. Resilient Polywood shutters aren’t susceptible to damage from wet conditions, extreme temperatures, bugs, and outside light. They won’t twist or fracture when smacked by active kids. Pets can’t yank them off the window. And even if your dog chews up a louver, it’s simple to order a replacement. Drapes and window shades just can’t compete when it comes to resilience and longevity!

Coordinate Your Great Room Window Treatments With Your Interior

White Polywood shutters on windows behind a white sofa

Any element you add to your home should complement your established decor. This includes your great room window treatments. You will discover roller shades in a plethora of colors and patterns. Or, match wood interior shutters to wood accents in your great room. You may also choose adaptable white Polywood shutters that easily coordinate with all types of styles.

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