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White polywood shutters over a kitchen sink

What Are The Leading Window Treatments For Over The Kitchen Sink In Sacramento?

April 05, 2021

If the time has come to purchase window treatments, don’t forget about the kitchen -- especially over the sink. If you harbor reservations about the constant spattering of food and water damaging a window treatment over the kitchen sink in your Sacramento home, use plantation shutters. These products add appeal to any space but are noted for withstanding the moisture and heat of the kitchen.

Plantation shutters over a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Distinctive Plantation Shutters Elevate Any Sacramento Kitchen

Window treatments over your kitchen sink in Sacramento need to be practical and long-lasting. With that being said, your kitchen window treatments will feel as elegant as your living room treatments when you install distinctive composite shutters.

Polywood shutters blend in easily with any design scheme. They are available in various tones of white that harmonize well with kitchen appliances and finishes, and their strong panels of functional louvers counteract nicely with the flat elements found in your kitchen. They bring understated elegance to both high-end and restrained kitchens and everything in between.

Polywood shutters in a Sacramento gourmet kitchen.

Polywood Shutters Resist Damage From Harsh Conditions

Do you ever see condensation on your kitchen window when you’re boiling water or washing dishes? That moisture latches on to window treatments over your Sacramento kitchen sink, where it can damage standard fabric products after a period of time.

Hang Polywood shutters instead. The patented construction of Polywood and tough outer coat resist damage from a moist and steamy environment. In fact, these products are totally watertight. They will never warp, chip, or split from the humidity in your kitchen.

The sun and changing seasons also won’t impact on the Polywood material. When covering the window in your kitchen, these products must hold up against cold drafts and powerful UV rays. Your shutters won’t shrink and expand from excessive interior heat or frigid outdoor temps, nor will they suffer from fading due to high levels of sunshine.

Plantation shutters in a bright Sacramento kitchen.

Polywood Plantation Shutters Allow the Perfect Amount of Natural Light

Good lighting is essential in your Sacramento kitchen. There’s no reason to cut or burn yourself because the lighting is too dim! Plantation shutters provide the amount of light you want and adjust easily. Just swing open the panels or move the louvers with the easy-to-use tilt rod. There’s no need to get frustrated with cords that always get tangled or a pull bar that’s not easily accessible when you need more illumination.

When looking for a flood of sunlight, open the shutter panels completely. If the sun’s rays are a bit much, close the panels and move the tilt bar to your desired light settings. Or use the louvers to reduce glare off counters and flat surfaces within your space. When you don’t want neighbors peering into your house, shut the louvers tight for the solitude you desire.

Polywood shutters in a Sacramento kitchen.

Polywood Shutters Make Cleaning Easy

Kitchens can be dirty with an abundance of sauce splatters, grease, and dirt. The window treatment over your Sacramento kitchen sink needs to clean up easily. This is one reason why Polywood window treatments are great for kitchens. The impenetrable material will not trap odors or collect stains as fabric shades do. You just need to quickly wipe them with a damp cloth, and they look good as new.

There’s no need to waste time gently reaching your dust rag around the openings as you would with traditional metal blinds. Shutter louvers are sturdy, and you can choose from different sizes, including wider ones that leave large spaces for you to reach through with your cloth.

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