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White Polywood shutters on long windows in a rustic dining room.

The Best Window Treatments For Tall Windows In Sacramento

April 15, 2022

Some windows are easier to cover than others. Window treatments for tall windows in Sacramento should look beautiful and allow you to adjust them to manage light and privacy, even if they are tall and narrow. If blinds and curtains aren’t cutting it, try plantation shutters. They look gorgeous on all styles of windows and are effortless to use and clean even on the tallest windows.


Interior Shutters Look Lovely On Every Type Of Tall Window

Brown and off-white living room with white polywood shutters. 

Not all window treatments look right on tall windows. Curtains can distort the dimensions of the room and aluminum blinds can appear shoddy. However, custom louvered shutters look gorgeous on all sizes and shapes of tall windows. Their louvered panels and frame fit your window’s specific shape so that you don’t lose the look of a unique window. Constructed from solid materials, louvered shutters are an arresting architectural detail within the room. And you can choose between faux-wood Polywood® shutters in a trendy white paint to go with your decor or timeless stained hardwood shutters.

Interior Shutters Provide Excellent Insulation And Coverage For Tall Windows

White and black sleek living room with long white polywood shutters 

Since interior shutters fit your windows correctly, they give you fantastic energy efficiency and coverage. The frame ensures no gaps and cracks around your window’s perimeter like you see from hanging blinds, curtains, and shades. You particularly don’t want openings on big windows where a lot of light or drafts can slip in. Even the louvers on top-of-the-line products like quality hardwood and Polywood shutters close tightly to block more drafts and light than alternative window treatments on taller windows in Sacramento will. Polywood shutters also reduce energy use and expenses thanks to patented insulating system.

Naturally, you won’t always keep your window coverings closed all day. You can easily let in sunlight with louvered shutters on your windows. Just tilt open the louvers or pull open the panels, depending on the amount of natural light you want. You can order a divider rail that splits the shutter panels into sections for the tallest windows. You can then open the highest section for illumination and keep the bottom closed for privacy.


Interior Shutters Are Easier To Clean Than Other Window Treatments For Tall Windows In Sacramento

Long white polywood shutters in a beige and off-white styled living room. 

If you have tall windows, washing your window coverings can be challenging. Nobody likes removing drapes or standing on tip-toe to reach the top of a long window shade with the vacuum attachment. Louvered shutters don’t give you these difficulties. You just need a duster attached to an extendable pole to effortlessly dust off your shutters’ finish no matter how tall your windows. If you see thicker residue lower down, simply gently wipe with a damp cloth, so your shutters will gleam again in no time!

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