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The Best Basement Window Treatments In Sacramento

April 26, 2016

It’s common for homeowners to put off or even forget to put window treatments on their basement windows. It’s difficult to find a window treatment in Sacramento that lets in the light your basement desperately needs, while providing you privacy. And if your windows are small, covering them and blending them into your space becomes even more challenging. Plus, basements are humid, which affects the type of window treatment you buy.

The simplest way to determine which kind of window treatment works best for your basement in Sacramento is to start with the kind of basement you have.

Window Treatments For Walk-Out Basements In Sacramento

If you have a walk-out basement in Sacramento, you don’t have to worry as much about dampness and mold when choosing window treatments. What you’re looking for instead is a window treatment for your big windows that helps you control light and gives you privacy, especially if you watch a lot of TV in your basement.

Draperies give you privacy. If you choose thicker material and additional blackout layers, they can block out most of the light. But draperies hide the beautiful architecture of your basement windows that’s behind them. Also, they get dirty easily and stay dirty. Draperies give you less control over light since your only option is to scoot the panels one way or the other. Light can still come through the sides of the window treatment.

Control your basement windows with plantation shutters. The shutter panels are enclosed in a frame that doesn’t let light through the sides. So now you have full privacy. Nobody is able to see inside when the shutters are closed.

Adjust the shutter louvers for as much light as you need. Add a divider rail and control the top of the basement window shutters independently from the bottom. And premium plantation shutters have weatherstripping that provides the temperature control larger windows need.

Plantation shutters are custom-manufactured to match the the window’s shape. So your shutters show off the unique curves and angles of your arched and circular windows.

Another great choice for walk-out basements is sliding barn doors. Take advantage of the outside view by pushing the panels to the edges of the window. And the barn doors become a work of art when they’re shut, contributing to the room’s furnishings.

Keep in mind that there might be a gap on the sides where light can come through. That’s because of the way the barn door is mounted.

For your walk-out basement door, you’ll want a sturdy window treatment that can handle all the times the door is open and shut. Shades and blinds bang as they hit the glass. And when they’re tied down to the frame, they look unfinished. Plantation shutters are permanently installed to the door. They won’t sway when you swing the door open. Plus, you can adjust their louvers for more or less light.

Shutters are also perfect for walk-up basement doors in Sacramento.

Window Treatments For Look-Out Basements In Sacramento, CA

Shutters on basement bathroom window

For look-out basements in Sacramento, the possibility of dampness and mold growth is something to keep in mind when deciding on a window treatment. You’ll need a window treatment that can handle humid conditions and goes with your space.

Synthetic wood and premium wood shutters can be moisture resistant. Certain plantation shutters have been shown to never warp. That’s why they work so well for look-out basements.

You can add the warm look of wood to your, often cold, basement with the custom look of plantation shutters. These energy efficient plantation shutters save you money on your utility bills the whole year and make lounging and entertaining in your basement an enjoyable experience.

Take your energy savings to the next level by using both plantation shutters and window film. Now, you can open the shutter panels during the day while maintaining your room’s temperature with window film.

Most people will want to close the shutters when it turns dark. Otherwise, other people can look into your basement.

If your basement windows are small, you can install shutters that are taller than the windowis. This gives the illusion of a bigger window. And you still have all the benefits of light control and privacy.

What’s The Simplest Way To Purchase Window Treatments For My Basement In Sacramento, CA?

Start by calling us at 916-665-0078. We’ll walk you through the process of purchasing basement window treatments and any other window treatments you want for other rooms in your house. You can schedule a free in-home consultation where you can browse through product samples and get an estimate. Once you’ve picked the window treatment that works best for you, we take care of ordering and installing it. It doesn’t get easier than this...unless you would like to fill out the form below instead of calling 916-665-0078.