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Is It Time To Upgrade From Blinds?

October 02, 2018

You upgrade your home from white appliances to stainless steel, from vinyl flooring to bamboo flooring, from paneled walls to painted walls. So when should you upgrade from your blinds?

There are a number of signs that today is the time to upgrade your blinds, and numerous options for replacement window treatments in Sacramento. Let’s get started.

3 Signs You Need to Upgrade your Blinds in Sacramento

Some are more apparent than others, but all of these signs are giving you the hint to move on from your blinds.

Your Room Is Often Too Hot or Cold

If your HVAC unit is frequently on but your room still isn’t the right temperature, see if it’s your windows. Most heat transfer happens at the windows, and flimsy blinds aren’t energy-efficient window treatments. Make the switch to a more energy efficient window treatment like Polywood plantation shutters or Honeycomb shades for top of the line heat blocking and a comfier room.

Your Room Style Is Stuck in the Past

Do your windows resemble your parent’s house? Keeping up with the latest interior trends can be tricky, but if you’re lagging behind by ten years or more, your guests will notice. So there are two basic options: either keep up with the newest trends as they occur each season, or pick a window treatment that’s a little more timeless in design. Plantation shutters in Sacramento homes go with any style, as do classic options like natural wood blinds or full draperies.

Living room with plantation shutters

Your Blinds Aren’t Built to Last

Most off-the-shelf blinds don’t look new within just a year or two. Bent slats, tangled cords, faded colors, they all serve to make your windows look less than stellar. Switching to a sturdier, longer-lasting window treatment can keep your windows looking great.

The Top Picks for Upgrading From Blinds in Sacramento

Polywood Shutters in Narrow WindowWhen it does come time to say goodbye to mini blinds, choose from one of these window treatments, taking into account your home’s needs.

Replacing Blinds with Plantation Shutters are a common choice when Sacramento homeowners upgrade from blinds. Their looks are timeless, they are usually sturdier than other window treatments, and depending on the material can prevent a huge amount of energy loss. 

Replacing Blinds with Cellular Shades

Another good blind upgrade are cellular (or honeycomb) shades. They’re made to trap more heat than normal shades, are a snap to use, and have a ton of options in the way of colors, textures, fabrics and more. 

Replacing Blinds with Panel Tracks


If you’re wanting to replace vertical blinds, then panel tracks (or panel track blinds) make the cut. They hang down from a rail like regular vertical blinds, but move much more easily and are more stylish since they have large fabric panels as opposed to thin blind slats.

Give Your Blinds an Upgrade Today

Make the decision to upgrade your home from cheap blinds today. Call Sunburst Shutters Sacramento at 916-665-0078 to receive a free in-home estimate from one of our window style associates, or use the form below!