How To Set Up A Garage Playroom And More In Sacramento

Curtis Orton

One of the fastest and easiest ways to create more living area is changing your garage into an additional room. The structure is already built--it just requires some elbow grease to get the area livable. Throw down comfortable flooring, heating and cooling, beautiful window treatments, and some personal decor, and you’ll soon have a brand new home office, family space, or garage playroom in Sacramento.

Plantation shutters in a sitting room

Get Air and Heat

Sacramento garages are chilly in the fall and winter and hot in the summer heat. Not ideal for any office or playroom. The starting point for your garage transformation is provide HVAC. You can connect to your home’s HVAC existing lines to your brand new space or get heaters and ceiling fans.

You’ll want to attach insulation to the walls and ceiling, too--especially where the garage door used to be. This will help preserve a desireable indoor temperature. For added insulation, try energy-efficient faux wood Polywood® shutters on top of the windows. Their patented weatherstripping stops air leaks and seals in inside air to keep your family comfortable in winter and relaxed in summer.

Plantation shutters in a sitting room

Add Windows And Lighting

Your dark Sacramento garage will benefit from more lighting before you can enjoy working and playing there. Begin by extending the electrical wiring and placing light fittings and electrical plugs. You can keep fittings simple for your Sacramento garage playroom or home office or add sleek light fixtures and lamps if you plan to entertain here.

For a brighter feel, install windows to your updated garage and cover them with adjustable Sacramento garage window treatments. Plantation shutters make it easy to control natural light. Open the shutter panels to have a inviting playroom or redirect glare away from your TV or work monitor with the louvers. When you require privacy at at any point, or the sun proves to be too bright, the panels and louvers shut together to block light and the view inside.

Update The Ceiling And Floor

Garage floors present a nuisance as living space. They are commonly below the other parts of the house and are comprised of concrete. To help converted garages blend in with the other rooms of the living space, Sacramento homeowners often add to the garage floor and install more comfortable materials like laminate, hardwood, carpet, or garage floor tiles. Bear in mind, if you hike the floor, you must have at least 7 ½ feet of ceiling height.

While on the topic of the ceiling, that likely deserves some updating as well. You can finish the ceiling with drywall or construct a drop ceiling. For additional storage, build attic space over your new ceiling.

Timberland shutters in a den

Top It Off With Furnishings And Decor

Your converted garage will feel more inviting after you add some flair. Choose a color palette that suits your new room’s purpose and sprinkle in those colors with paint, furniture, decor, and window treatments.

Employ a sleek desk and chair, your favorite paint color, and smart white plantation shutters to bring in a orderly home workspace. Lively palettes and rich cushions and chairs, rug, and storage boxes for toys morph your Sacramento garage into a playroom. Get durable Polywood shutters for window treatments that withstand kids. Or, for a cozy entertainment area, pair a warm neutral color family with luxurious hardwood interior shutters and set up a TV and inviting sectional for family movie nights.

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