The Guide To Living Room Window Treatments In Sacramento, CA

Curtis Orton

The living room gives you a space where you display your decorating style. And elegant windows are your chance to find a stunning window treatment to emphasize their shape and accent your furniture.

You’ll want to take into consideration your window’s shape since many living rooms have specialty shaped or beautiful arched windows. You’ll also want to consider how much privacy you desire, how you want the view outside framed, and how much light comes through them. Look for living room window treatments that let you control privacy and light so that your guests get the feeling that they’re right at home.

Your options for living room window treatments in Sacramento include:

Living Room Shutters In Sacramento

White plantation shutters in living room with dark wood floors 

In contrast to draperies, blinds, and shades, living room shutters match your arched, circular, triangular, octagonal windows - even your french doors. They’re custom built to the exact measurements of your windows. All the curves, corners, and angles are preserved. And your guests will take notice of your eye for architecture - and appreciate that you thought about their privacy.

If your living room is formal, go with window treatments that are more elegant. Plantation shutters are known for their wide horizontal louvers encased in a frame. Whether you select a deep stain for Ovation® wood, weathered reclaimed wood, or a traditional white paint for Polywood®, the custom window treatment will match the decorating style of your living room.

If your living room will be used to entertain, the functionality of the window treatment has as much weight as its beauty. You can move the shutter louvers with a tilt rod to get as much light as you want. And you can swing the panels completely open to access the window.

Living room shutters keep your guests pleasantly warm throughout the evening. All you have to do is close the shutters completely for temperature control. And when you have Polywood shutters on your living room windows, you’re getting ultimate energy savings.

Barn Doors For Living Room Windows

3 panel barn door shutters in living room 

Enjoy the scenery when you move the barn door panels on a track. Once the panels are on the sides of the window, they frame the view and become standalone pieces of art.

Shades For Living Room Windows

Tan Roman shades in living room 

Shades are a great option when you want your living room window treatments to showcase specific colors or multiple colors. Roman shades are the most popular kind of shades in Sacramento. They‘re available in fabrics and patterns ranging from traditional to contemporary. And they add elegance to even the tallest of windows in your living room.

Some shades can be ineffective at blocking out light coming through the window. Check with a window treatment professional as to the room darkening efficiency of a certain shade.

Looking For More Window Treatment Inspiration For Your Living Room In Sacramento?

Find your inspiration in this idea gallery full of photos of window treatments for living rooms and other spaces in your home. You can look through examples of our work from around Sacramento and see first-hand what might look better in your living room. And if you’re ready to talk with a professional about window treatments for your living room - or any room, give us a call at 916-250-0758 or fill out the form below!