Best Window Treatments For Your Family

Curtis Orton

It’s the beginning of the weekend in Sacramento, and you’re savoring a lazy weekend morning doing some pleasure reading. All of the sudden, a loud noise from the kids’ room snaps you from your thoughts. Sprinting to the noise, you instantly see the damage -- broken blind slats in a heap beneath the window. The kids are nowhere to be found, but with kids and pets, broken window treatments are not a surprise.

Is there a nicer window treatment for kids and pets that can better endure an active lifestyle? Faux wood plantation shutters may be your best option.


The Reasoning Against Blinds And Draperies

Blinds are more fragile because of how they are constructed. Most blinds employ a series of thin slats that are connected on each side by a strip of cord. Blinds are meant to be loose and flexible but can definately become dinged up when kids roughhouse. A tough hit can tear a slat from the cord or snap it apart. Your new puppy may seem sweet nosing through your blinds at the outside world, but you may need to get a new window treatment when the mailman scampers by. And any cords hanging down may be a strangulation hazard for both children and animals.

Draperies may not do much better with children or pets. Because they are suspended loosely from a rod above the frame, they can be pulled off accidently. Ones that touch the ground are the ideal height for young kids or energetic animals to grab onto. Cleaning also is a pain, as paint-covered handprints and muddy pawprints might only disappear when brought to the dry cleaners, if that.

Plantation Shutters Can Hold Up To Your Family

Plantation shutters are the best option to keep up with kids and pets, especially when they are made of quality faux-wood, like Polywood®. Shutters allow natural light in, like blinds, but use solid louvers instead of employing thin slats and fabric. With tough louvers and a stapled tilt rod, they can endure inattentive kids and anxious pets.

Family room with wall map and plantation shutters

Faux wood is also wonderful for your family because it’s simpler to clean and won’t warp, splinter or crack. The solid construction can withstand almost everything thrown at them, no matter what your kids can concoct. Polywood also has the benefit of being cord-free, making it much safer for your young children.

Have a Sunburst Representative Bring Stronger Window Treatments to Your Windows

You could just raise the blinds up and keep fussing with the draperies. Or, you can have a Sunburst representative show you how plantation shutters can be the perfect window treatment for your windows. To get a personal in-home consultation, call 916-250-0758 now.